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*You shouldn't call us?

Choosing a professional service provider can be a difficult decision especially when it comes to a service that you may only need once or twice a year. We get it. So, first let me tell you why you shouldn't call Carpet Cleanse...Yes, you read that right. Let me explain.

1. You shouldn't call us if you're simply looking for the cheapest option. That's not us. We have too many wild sloths to feed out back at our shop.

A photo of the sloth out back.

Just kidding, but that would be cool (if we had sloths)! In all seriousness our pricing structure is designed around the service process & experience we strive to provide. We take the invitation in to your home very seriously. Here are a few things you can expect to see when we show up for your cleaning...

✔️ Pre-Inspection / Notes ✔️ Seal-A-Door (weather guard) ✔️ Corner Guards Placed ✔️ Drop Cloths Placed (protect wood floors) ✔️ Pre-Vacuum ✔️ Pre-Treatments ✔️ Thorough Agitation of Carpet Fibers ✔️ Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction ✔️ High Velocity Air Movers for Drying ✔️ Final Walk Through ✔️ Post Carpet Grooming ✔️ FREE Bottle of Home Pro Spotter! ✔️ FREE Lifetime Refills of Spotter!

2. You shouldn't call us if your looking for a "quick & basic" clean. That's not us. There's nothing "quick & basic" about us. That would make us Rug Doctors & we're NOT trained in that process. 😂 We will go through the above mentioned checklist whether we're cleaning 1 room or a whole home.

Carpet Cleanse "In a Nutshell"

In a nutshell (as pictured), we're not the cheapest, quick & basic option...& that, in itself, is "VALUE".

So, now that you know a couple of the reasons why you shouldn't call us...follow the link below to get a better understanding as to why you should call us! Schedule a FREE cleaning evaluation & we'll visit with you, answer questions &

instill confidence in the decision to schedule with Carpet Cleanse!

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