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Does your insurance cover visits from the Rug Doctor?

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

There is a very popular trend (and by trend I mean 40+ year old & massively successful company) happening in the carpet cleaning world. Look, I get it. The Rug Doctor machine is conveniently located inside most of your grocery & hardware stores & advertise themselves as the carpet cleaning experts. Oh, and they start as low as $29/day!

RD Tag line: Deep clean your carpets like a pro. It's so easy!

Sign me up! Right? Don't get me wrong...If you've purchased or rented a Rug Doctor from a sales rep, please give him or her my personal cell number because I want to offer them a sales job! 😂 Yes, I know, it's possible to get acceptable cleaning results from these units if done properly. I just want to caution you that it's not as easy as advertised....Long awkward pause...Okay, Okay I get're a D.I.Y.'er." That's why we've developed a rental program with some training included in the rate to make the cleaning easier to tackle on your own.

Check out our available rental units coming September 1st!

But, wait, there's more...(I've always wanted to use that line myself.) - see below

When you realize that your insurance doesn't cover unsuccessful Rug Doctor / rental unit attempts: You've recently rented a portable carpet cleaning extractor locally & weren't happy with the cleaning results. What's next?

The Carpet Cleanse "Cleansurance" Program

Step 1: Call Carpet Cleanse at 785-776-1927 to schedule a FREE cleaning evaluation.

Step 2: Show us your receipt for the D.I.Y. machine rental.

Step 3: Carpet Cleanse will deduct the rate you paid for the rental unit out of our full service cleaning invoice (up to $50). We call that a WIN / WIN. (*minimum service rates apply.)

Why would we make this offer? Unfortunately, we speak with a lot of customers who have gone the D.I.Y. route with unsuccessful results. Again, I want to reiterate that the rental extractors are a good option for certain types of cleaning projects, but NOT all projects. So, if you are considering a rental option, please feel free to call us for some helpful tips & tricks!

Remember, whether you hire Carpet Cleanse for a professional deep clean or D.I.Y with one of our rental units....All of our customers receive a FREE bottle of our Home Pro Carpet Spotter with FREE lifetime refills.

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